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SLO Climate Coalition is working toward a vibrant, just, and climate-resilient Central Coast!

EcoCiv researches and prototypes solutions to the most harmful effects of climate change. We combine the best models of long-term change with direct on-the-ground experience, testing and publicizing the emerging pathways toward an ecological civilization. We specialize in HOPE.

We’re Pando. We create hope through action. We’re building a brighter and better future for the 10 million people who call LA home.

Experiences and relationships are the building blocks of our lives. Indeed, all living beings are composed of their experiences and relationships; even the energy within the depths of matter is a kind of experience, a kind of feeling. Among these creative interactions are pivotal moments that have the potential to make a profound difference.

Protecting and preserving San Luis Obispo County’s natural resources through education, advocacy, and action.

WEAll is the leading collaboration of organisations, alliances, movements and individuals working to transform the economic system.

We believe that all of the problems and solutions are interconnected and that the way forward requires collective action and improved collaboration. To foster this, we bring people together to learn from each other, foster local projects and organize resources so it is easier for people to find tools or support.

Book Reviews
Healing Grounds – Climate Justice and the Deep Roots of Regenerative Farming
By Liz Carlisle

Liz Carlisle’s “Healing Grounds” begins there, with the work those “least responsible” are doing alongside the natural world to regenerate the soil, the plants and the whole of our ecosystem. “Healing Grounds” starts at the molecular level and encompasses everything, including our need for hope and possibility. Carlisle is an agroecologist and professor of environmental studies at UC Santa Barbara. She brings the reader into the work of regeneration through permaculture and deep commitment to…

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