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An ecological civilization is based on the recognition that humans are part of nature, not separate from it. Humans live in harmony with nature, recognizing that humans and nature are interdependent.

Nature is no longer considered just a resource to be used for the benefit of humans. A culture of sustainability, not perpetual GDP growth, is our ideal. In contrast to past unsustainable practices of reckless extraction of resources, a “circular economy,” in which waste is minimized and resources are recycled, is practiced.  Ecological Civilization champions a low-carbon economy based on renewable energy.

Humans do more than just avoid harming the Earth and nature; we actively regenerate and sustain the Earth’s health.

In an Ecological Civilization, natural ecosystems are the models for the relationship of humans with each other and with nature. A mutually beneficial relationship among the members of society and between humans and nature brings much peace and joy. Biodiversity is protected. Society is community-oriented, rather than based on accumulation of individual wealth.

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