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Our Mission

The Central Coast Center for Ecological Civilization is dedicated to educating the public on the concepts of a global ecological civilization and encourages participation in projects that build such a society.

What We Promote

An ecological civilization is based on the recognition that humans are part of nature, not separate from it. Humans live in harmony with nature, recognizing that humans and nature are interdependent.
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Peace and Nonviolence

We foster nonviolence, peace, and justice, striving for societal change in consciousness through education, advocacy, discourse, and nonviolent protest when necessary.
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Human and Civil Rights

Human and civil rights as practiced reflect how we value each other in society. The oppressive systems that exist today devalue too many people. We propose to dismantle these oppressive systems.
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Economic Justice

Ecological Civilization requires economic justice. An economic system in which the rich and powerful benefit at the expense of the poor and marginalized leads to overconsumption, resource depletion, and environmental degradation. A sustainable economy is based on equity, fairness, and social justice. It promotes and encourages sustainable businesses and practices.
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Environmental Justice

Environmental justice is an important part of Ecological Civilization. We support and encourage policies and legislation that ensure a fair and just share of the Earth’s resources for everyone, especially low-income communities and communities of color. We support legislation that ensures clean air and water for all. We oppose the practice of locating facilities with negative environmental impacts in communities of color.
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A Spiritual Basis

Because we honor the gracious gift of our home, we seek to practice gratitude and care. Humanity has failed in our task of care, harming our home. As a significant part of our spiritual practices, we pledge to learn, educate, and act to repair our land, waters and air. 

CCC EcoCiv partners with People of Faith for Justice

People of Faith for Justice is an interfaith alliance that seeks to influence public discourse and to enhance our quality of life through ongoing education and strategic advocacy.

CCC EcoCiv partners with Yes We Can Peacebuilders

Yes We Can Peacebuilders is dedicated to the education of individuals and communities on the path to nonviolence so as to inspire and engage people to make nonviolent living a part of their everyday lives.

About Ecological Civilization

EcoCiv recognizes that first and foremost we are living beings embedded in a biotic community. The way we organize ourselves as civilizations must recognize this fact and affirm the lives of not only humans, but of all the lifeforms making up our biosphere. We endeavor “to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community” (Aldo Leopold) as an organizing principle.

The Central Coast Center for Ecological Civilization brings these values to the organizations with whom we collaborate and the projects in which we participate. By bringing the scholarship, grounding and programs of the broader EcoCiv community to the Central Coast, we hope to accelerate the establishment of an Ecological Civilization that acknowledges the deep relationships that maintain our lives and give those lives meaning.

We do this by:

  • Educating ourselves and our community about alternatives to the destructive attitudes and systems that have brought us to this dire situation of climate crisis, inequity and separation.
  • Implementing practical projects in collaboration with local, regional and global organizations.
  • Establishing supportive relationships among people in both religious and secular communities to do the difficult work that is needed to make our Earth community safe and fulfilling for all.
Our History: The Central Coast Center for Ecological Civilization began in 2020 when a group from People of Faith for Justice was exploring the work of the Institute for Ecological Civilization. Finding Ecological Civilization, or EcoCiv, valuable to People of Faith for Justice’s mission, an ongoing division was established. EcoCiv contains both concrete diagnoses and remedies for why we are not further along in the quest for a sustainable life on planet Earth.

Plug-In to Local Climate Action

Hosted by: SLO Climate CoalitionWhen: The third Thursday of every month || 6:00 pm to 8:00 pmHow: In-person and onlineWhere: Ludwick Community Center - 864 Santa Rosa , San Luis Obispo

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